Tuition Costs

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Now that most classes have transitioned online since the pandemic, you may be left with a ton of questions. Students who were already struggling to stay afloat while managing the heavy cost of their education, parenting, and housing, are feeling shortchanged by the online classes. And you're not alone.

Despite a great deal of pushback, most post-secondary institutions are still charging full price for their online classes. That means despite not having regular labs, on-campus enrichment programs, or getting the 'college experience', you're still left paying a huge price for your education.

The sort of enrichment and learning that I would have in the classroom isn’t there.

Arica Kincheloe

Childcare Woes

For those who were relying on on-campus daycare, you're likely questioning who's going to be providing care while you study. Fortunately, some schools are still planning on providing limited care during the fall semester, although you'll need to confirm with your individual school what their strategies are.

For those who aren't guaranteed daycare, you'll absolutely need to find an alternative prior to your first day of classes. Just because classes are online, it doesn't mean that you'll be able to get away with only an hour or so of classes per day while your toddler sleeps. Online classes will still follow a schedule and require your full attention, so your study space will need to be free of distractions, kids included.


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Finally, the benefit of having online classes is that you're likely to have more flexibility around your classes than you're used to. Being able to go over lecture slides late at night or listen to a lecture while folding laundry may allow you to be more efficient in other areas of your life. With reduced commuting time, you're likely able to dedicate a little bit more time to study or squeeze in some quality time with your kids.


  • Less time commuting
  • Classtime flexibility
  • Professors may be more flexible with assignments/midterms due to parenting obligations


  • Less social support
  • Unreliable childcare
  • Consistent tuition costs despite reduced time on campus
  • Lower quality/no 'study space' away from home
  • Little to no privacy, making it difficult to stay focussed


Having your classes moved online may have some of you excited, but for the majority of parents, we're definitely feeling nervous about the upcoming school year.

What are your concerns about classes being moved online?

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