With most classes being moved online, you're probably wondering how on earth you're supposed to focus on schoolwork with a little one in the same room. Although your classes may be online, it's possible that some schools may still offer childcare to students.

Can I afford off-campus daycare?

You're likely eligible for Emergency Response and Student Benefits that can assist with childcare. However, these aids are typically not 'free money', and may need to be re-paid. Thankfully, your academic advisor may be able to guide you in finding the best fit until your campus daycare opens


Will my school's daycare even be open?

Of course, you'll need to keep in contact with your school and their policies as things change. Each country, area, and school will have it's own unique policies on re-introducing childcare for students. Right now, most daycares are limited to servicing the children of essential workers. However, UBC's website is hinting at potentially being able to serve students as the pandemic winds down.


Always have a backup plan... or two

If all else fails and daycares are not available for students, here are some alternatives that can help you out.

  • Share childcare responsibilities with another mom at your school
  • If you're fortunate enough to have this as an option, ask trusted friends and family members to watch your child on a consistent, reliable schedule
  • Ask trusted neighbours
  • Talk to other student moms in your area to see what options are available locally

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