I don't think that anyone said that parenting is easy.

Especially when you watch them train/study/put in SO MUCH EFFORT, and they don't get the outcome they were hoping for.

Whether they didn't make it onto the team, are struggling with ADD/ADHD, weren't accepted into a university program, or a job they wanted, watching them go through that can be heartbreaking.

And pep talks from parents often just aren't enough to provide them with the resilience they so desperately need.

Here are a few tips to help you guide them towards finding their own resilience

  1. Listen. Really. No interruptions, no advice, no distractions. Whatever they are going through, there's likely a lot more that they are processing than you may realize. Sitting in silence and just being present with them welcomes them to process their experience safely with your support.
  2. Give them the space and permission to process their emotions in their own way safely. As long as they are not in any danger, have trust that they are developing their own emotional skillset in dealing with setbacks.
  3. If needed, get help. Be it a therapist, counsellor, or a coach, there is likely someone out there who is much more qualified at supporting your teen through EXACTLY what they are experiencing. Finding an expert allows you, the parent, to go back to playing the supportive role, no nagging required.

If you're ready to get them the support they need while sitting back and supporting them, come learn more about what Life Coaching for teens can do for both of you.

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