A family full of sensitivities

With the majority of our little family having some form of food sensitivity (dairy, gluten, FODMAPs, and so on), and me trying to eat plant-based, it can be a huge pain trying to keep everyone happy. Add on the preference of wanting to support local growers and manufacturers, and trying to spend as little time possible preparing meals, you've got yourself a real challenge!

I’m sure that most of you appreciate the value of quality organic food produced locally. But lots of us are too stressed for time to prepare a nutritional delight for every single meal, not to mention frustrated over how quickly produce can go bad. So lots of us turn to what I call “convenience foods” - snacks that are packed with preservatives, sugar, and processed ingredients made with only profit in mind. That’s why I was so stoked when I discovered WildMade™!

Saving Time and Eating Well

You may have caught on that we try to eat A LOT of fruits and vegetables in our house. But eating fresh produce requires a lot of preparation – rinsing, drying, peeling veggies, chopping fruit. Not to mention that if you don't eat it right away, chances are that what gets lost in the back of your fridge is going to go bad really fast. I know this is a huge reason why most people opt for easy solutions like WildMade™ snacks! It's a super convenient way to have fresh fruits and veggies easy and ready to go, whenever you need them!

I like to eat these veggie snacks in the car, before/after a workout, while I'm studying or working... you get the idea. These snacks make it so so easy to get in a half serving each of fruits and veggies, even for picky eaters. Founders Lisa and John can totally relate and are passionate about making eating organic fruits and veggies fun and convenient while maximizing nutritional density. WildMade™ makes sustainability, energy efficiency, reducing food waste, and pure ingredients their priorities, even when giving back to local community initiatives. Their snacks are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, contain no added sugar, are vegan and gluten-free, and are packed with nutritionally-diverse fruits and vegetables. The name WildMade™ reflects the beautiful blend of the ingredients used – real fruits and veggies - to create delicious healthy food. Did I mention that they also taste AMAZING!?

Free Food Giveaway

Because I'm passionate about food accessibility, and I appreciate that we're all stressed for time, I've partnered with WildMade™ to give away FREE healthy snacks to the first 100 people to fill out this form. Share it with your friends, neighbours, anyone you know who could use a bit more fruits & veggies in their lives.

Get your Free WildMade™ Snacks!

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What are your time-saving tips for eating fresh, healthy produce even when your life is crazy?

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