Here's how to take more effective notes 📝⁠

Let me introduce you to a funnelling method that allows you to switch methods based on the yield, or weight, of the content you're studying.

Top of Funnel Notes

Your 'Top of Funnel' (ToF) notes is what you take when you are first introduced to the content.⁠

Think point-form, broad notes that you would use to describe to a friend what the content is and how it applies to the real world.⁠

Middle of Funnel

⁠Next, you'll have 'Middle of Funnel' notes covering content that you SUSPECT are going to be on an upcoming test. You'll want to spend more time here than on ToF content.⁠

Bottom of Funnel

You'll want to spend most of your time/effort on 'Bottom of Funnel' notes.⁠

This is content that is practically GUARANTEED to be presented on a test, AND/OR you're having trouble 'sticking' in your memory.⁠

For BoF notes, you'll want to incorporate as many different ways of absorbing the content as possible.⁠

This may include drawing mind maps, writing notes instead of using digital flashcards, and teaching the content to someone else.⁠

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