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3 Steps to Ace Your Midterms

It took me far too long to figure out how to study for midterms effectively. I’m embarrassed to say that I would spend hours upon hours reading every line in the textbook leading up to the midterm, without having a clue on how applying that information would be tested. But even as

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Feeling overwhelmed managing distance learning for yourself and your kids? You’re certainly not alone. Managing conflicting class schedules, limited access to internet devices (do schools really expect every member of the family to have their own laptop!?), and a lack of quiet space to study in all contribute to a stressful learning

Back to School Necessities: Hats

Most elementary and daycares require that your kid have a hat that they keep at the centre.As summer wraps up, it’s still so important to protect our eyes from the sun. And I don’t know about you, but Grayson typically hates wearing hats when everyone around him is wearing sunglasses, so why