Feeling overwhelmed managing your courseload this semester? You're certainly not alone. Managing conflicting class schedules, limited access to internet devices (do schools really expect every member of the family to have their own laptop!?), and a lack of quiet space to study in all contribute to a stressful learning environment.

That's why I've created a FREE downloadable planner specifically for non-traditional students to help you:

  • Gain focus on your priorities
  • Plan out your month, week, and day
  • Flexibly dedicate your time towards what matters
  • Feel in control over you and your loved ones' schedules

The 4-page planner can either be printed out, or digitally completed by each member of your little tribe. That means that you'll have a better idea of what you, your kids, and your partner need to accomplish. Less time frantically jumping from one minor task to the next, and more time focussing on what really matters.

The planner includes dedicated sections for:

  • Your Month at a Glance
  • What's on your radar
  • Needs vs Wants
  • A daily schedule
  • Upcoming Projects & Assignments
  • Reading List
  • Topic Review List
  • Daily focus
  • Small tasks
  • Personal to-do list
  • Work/school to-do list
  • Self maintenance
  • ... and more!

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