I am SO excited to bring you another great freebie to help you succeed! This printable is all about exam prep, so you'll want to print this out each exam season.

Some of the highlights of the printable are helping you determine what score you need to earn your desired course grade, breaking down your reading and concept review lists, and how many hours/days you have available to dedicate towards studying.

The key feature about this freebie is all about mindset - questioning how you can make the study experience fun, what you're going to do to celebrate once the exams are done, and how you can apply what you learn. By considering how you can bring joy to the learning experience, you're more likely to retain more information and be motivated towards quality studying!

There is enough room for up to six courses, and you can print off the individual course page as many times as you need to!

Happy planning, non-trads!

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