Most elementary and daycares require that your kid have a hat that they keep at the centre.As summer wraps up, it's still so important to protect our eyes from the sun. And I don't know about you, but Grayson typically hates wearing hats when everyone around him is wearing sunglasses, so why not match! With that in mind, when I went shopping for matching hats I was truly disappointed that so many brands were cheaply made in foreign countries. Now, more than ever, I've made a commitment to support local businesses that emphasized sustainability.

Then I found the best hats ever!

I immediately fell in love with the hats from GreenBean.ReLoved, which come in both adult and kid sizes. Their mission is to reduce textile waste by reusing scrap material that is found, thrifted or donated. Since they are made of up-cycled textiles, each hat is completely unique. There won't be getting any of these hats mixed up with anyone else's! Their Scrap-Hats are made using all off-cuts or thrifted textiles quilted together, 100% made in Canada. GreenBean.ReLoved is a local female-founded clothing line that uses thrifted materials as the foundation for creating absolutely gorgeous pieces and reducing clothing waste! Amazing!

We've been using these hats for a few weeks now, and they are by far the best quality hats that I've used in years. The sizes are very flexible, so I'm sure that we'll be using them for years.

You can order yours online anytime at , and use the discount code WELCOME for 15% off your first purchase! Even better, you can swing by Little Plum in Vernon to find your perfect fit.

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