Dear Non-traditional Student,

I want to start off by acknowledging how far you've already come. Even if you've only just registered or applied for classes and haven't stepped foot into the classroom yet.

That's HUGE.

It can be so scary making a career change, or taking classes when you have other significant responsibilities going on in your own personal life.

To the parents out there going back to school so you can start a new career to better support your families, I see you.

To the students who are juggling their studies with a job or athletics, I see you.


You deserve to be sitting amongst your peers, and you deserve the support required to keep you there.

That is my core belief.

Your life experiences, your challenges, your uniqueness, THOSE ARE YOUR SUPERPOWERS!

It doesn't matter if you haven't opened a textbook in over a decade.

It doesn't matter if you are just now learning how to prioritize your own success.

You can accomplish ALL your goals!

You can earn TOP GRADES (yes, even with a learning disability)!

You can do it without sacrificing your health, relationships, and sanity.

... AND you need support to do so.

Yes, you can go SO FAR relying on nobody but yourself.

But you're making it WAY harder on yourself than you need to.

With the right support, you can earn grades higher than you ever imagined possible, and feel GREAT doing it!

I've got a TON of content to guide you on all the practical bits involved in absolutely KILLIN' IT in school!

Even better, I can offer you the customized support YOU DESERVE to get you there FASTER!


Exactly the way you are.

If you don't believe in yourself, no problem.


Together, we can get you from wherever you're at now in your journey, to wherever you want to be, wherever you NEED to be!

If you feel that this is speaking directly to you, PLEASE don't spend another day trying to 'do it all' yourself. Book a free consultation call with me and together we'll make a plan that best supports you moving forward.

Together, we've got this!

- Camille

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