Are you naturally a slow reader? 🐢⁠

You can all probably tell that I've been studying the topic of speed-reading lately. 🙈⁠

One of the biggest takeaways that I've had is separating one's 'inner voice' from your reading. For most of us, the pace that you're reading at is actually your 'speaking' pace, as we let our brains 'read out loud to us as we go. ⁠

But you can ignore that voice! Your brain is capable of reading much faster than it can relate back to you at a speaking pace. 🏎⁠

6 Steps to cut your time reading textbooks in HALF!

  • 1. Use your finger or a ruler on the page
  • 2. Stop listening to your ‘inner reading voice’
  • 3. Don’t read one word at a time
  • 4. Ask questions as you go
  • 5. Consider how you can apply the content
  • 6. PRACTICE!

I've been putting these tricks to the test and have over doubled my reading pace in about a week!⁠

Want to MASTER the art of speed-reading? Take my quick How to Speed Read Textbooks training!

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